Can't Keep A Good Boy (George) Down

Isn't it time for that Culture Club reunion?

Boy George has certainly had his share of problems these last few months. What with his brother being jailed for the murder of his wife, and now the Man called Boy, is involved in a very messy, and very public dispute with his lab

el, Virgin Records. According to Melody Maker, Boy George announced to the audience at his show at London's Shephard Bush Empire that he wanted to end his fifteen year association with the label, accusing them of treating him "like a cabaret act."

The label apparently raised George's ire when they failed to promote his recent album, Cheapness And Beauty, in a matter he saw fit. We wonder if he had a few words with Terry Southern, screenwriter and novelist before his death last week. It seems

that the author of such important movies as Easy Rider, Dr. Strangelove, and Barbarella was working on a history of Virgin Records prior to his death.