Is Charles Manson Album Scariest CD In The World?

Addicted To Noise editor Michael Goldberg writes: I'm in the record

store the other say, kind of browsing the indie section, when I see

this Charles Manson CD. Title: Commemoration. Now this thing

was released, I understand, in August. But somehow, I missed it. So if

you already know about it, just walk on by. Now this is some scary CD.

First of all, cover is a Manson postage stamp with the swastika etched

into his forehead. Then there is some text on the cover that says:

"Commemorating Sixty Years of Struggle Against Cowardice, Stupidity,

and Lies." Say what? Then , there are two short essays from people who

seem to think Manson is someone to look up to. Excuse me while I go

throw up. The "music" was recorded at Vacaville Medical Facility in

1982, 1984 and 1985. It was released by White Devil Records, which is

based in Seattle. According to the liner notes, the recording was done

"surreptitiously above the chapel at Vacaville where Manson was then

held prisoner." I haven't listened to it. It's just too creepy.