Another Day, Another Contest, Another Chance For Free Music!!

Unless you live in Maine (a state with a lot of trees near Nova

Scotia), it isn't likely

you'll ever see Fiddlehead Salad, the prize in another contest from those

insane people at Reprise

Records who just can't seem to give away enough of their music. Fiddlehead

Salad is a cassette

Reprise made up for an organization called Maine Won't Discriminate. The

cassette includes music

from 16 artists: Extra Fancy, imperial teen, the Williams Brothers,

Doubleplusgood, Men Out

Loud, Meg Hentges, Voice Farm, Laura Love, Glue, Phranc, Gary Floyd, Pansy

Division, Tribe

8, Venus Envy, Ferron and Rus McCoy. Cassettes are available exclusively

through Maine Won't

Discriminate (PO Box 11061, Portland, ME 04104. telephone: 207/761-1788). The

goal of the

organization (which includes Maine's independent governor, Angus King, as

well as the state

Chamber of Commerce and the state Council of Churches) is to fight off an

impending ballot

initiative by a fanatically homophobic right-wing hate group attempting to

limit basic civil rights for

gay men and lesbians. If you'd like to win a free copy, e-mail and correctly

answer the following questions (include a mailing address):

1) What famous platinum-selling hard rock band shares a member with imperial


2) Ted Ottaviano used to be in Book of Love. What group is he in now?

3) Who is Helen Chenowith and why is she scary to people who believe in

American ideals?

4) Are there any Republican congressmen who admit to being gay and if so name

every single one

of them.

5) Which band on Fiddlehead Salad opened Green Day's last U.S. tour?