Elastica's Former Bassist Gives Her Side Of The Story

Elastica, have apparently interviewed over thirty-six bassists to fill the

gap in the line-up left by Annie Holland, who left during their Lollapalooza

gigs, citing a Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and an allergic reaction to

touring. Holland talked to Melody Maker last week and told them that

"the touring just got too much. I missed my friends and family in Brighton.

We'd been on the road for months and I was looking forward to a break after

the T In The Park and the Cork Feile festivals. But then we were offered the

Lollapalooza tour in America and I couldn't fact it. I loved being in the

band and I loved the people, but I just reached the end of my

endurance...though maybe I should have stuck it our a bit longer, because the

rest of the band have just had a month off. "

In related news, Elastica has hired the guy who streaked during their gig at

the Glastonbury Festival to fill in as a temporary keyboard player. The

nudist, who goes by the name of Anthony Genn, is a friend of the band, and

added a little (more) excitement to Elastica's set when he dashed across the

stage in the altogether this past summer. What stopped his trajectory was

when Annie Holland stuck out her foot, and tripped Genn. Do you suppose this

was some bizarre audition ritual on the part of Elastica?