Smashing Pumpkins Due To Land In ATN 1.11

Can you keep a secret? Good. Don't tell anyone, but in the November issue of

ATN (on-line Nov. 1) you'll find an amazing interview with the Smashing

Pumpkins (yeah we went to Chicago to hang with them at Pumpkinland), plus our

special report on Britpop '95, featuring interviews with Oasis, Menswear,

Charlatans UK, and Elastica. Then there's "The Burning Man." The concluding

installment will be in 1.11. All the usual columns like

HREF="/ATN/issues/1.10/Columns/">"England's Dreaming"

where Stuart Green writes about England's "New Lad," and

HREF="/ATN/issues/1.10/Columns/">TV Eye,


Billy Altman taking a hard look at the Home Shopping Network. And lot of

other cool stuff. Be there.