Jason Finn

Today is the birthday of Presidents of the United States of America's

Jason Finn. The Presidents are current pop faves with their two

irreverent and irresistible singles "Lump" and "Kitty" playing far too

frequently on the radio. Hailing from Seattle, the Presidents formed

in December of '93. Their self-titled first album came out on the

appropriately-named PopLlama label, which fits in nicely with the

Presidents' song titles: As "Peaches," "Boll Weevil" and "Feather

Pluckn" attest, favorite topics of the Presidents are animals, fruit,

and bugs. Further Presidents' claims to fame: they performed a set at

a democratic rally in support of Bill Clinton, and the back side of

their album features a picture of the Presidents with the President.

Finn, who plays drums, spends his out-of-office hours as a bartender

and band booker. Today is also the birthday of Duran Duran's Simon