Menswe@r: What Makes A Legend Most

That foppish style band, Menswe@r turned down an offer to appear in an

advertisement for Harvey Nichols, an upscale British department store,

because they weren't offered enough cash, according to the NME.

A spokesperson for the band, each of the five members were offered

Ä200 each (about $250). "They thought that was outrageous, Anyway

they're far too gangly for that." We gather she meant thin but we're

not exactly sure. The band's American representative told us that

Menswe@r have also been approached by Brit designer Katherine Hamnett

and Miss Selfridges, a woman's division inside the more proletariat

department Selfridges. But the ever-so-stylish band turned those

offers as well.

One offer Menswe@r didn't turn down, or at least one that Chris

Gentry, the band's adorable teenage guitarist didn't, was the

attentions of twentyish Melissa Auf de Maur, bassist for Hole. Two of

the three nights that Menswe@r played in New York City recently,

Gentry was seen in the company of the lanky (that's femme for gangly)

Auf de Maur, double dating with her bandmate, Eric Erlandson , and his

imorata, Drew Barrymore. One night the quartet took a walk on the wild

side and checked in at the Vault, a well-known sex club in the

city--which they claim bored them, and they insisted that they left

soon after arriving. Sure, sure. But for the remainder of the tour,

the other members of Menswe@r ribbed Gentry about going to sex clubs

with the girl from ET. When ATN asked the band whether Gentry

was still keeping company with Donna Matthews from Elastica, singer

Johnny Dean insisted that was very old news. The band's publicist

disagrees, but we at ATN say that actions speak louder than words.