Sweet 75, Hovercraft and Sky Cries Mary Go Virtual

ATN' s Jennie Yabroff reports: We have seen the future, and it's

pretty cool, but it gives us carpal tunnels. This enticing vision has

been brought to us courtesy of Microsoft and World Domination records,

with the release of a Sky Cries Mary CD-Plus. The band is touring to

support their new album This Timeless Turning with support by

Hovercraft and Sweet 75, the new band of Krist Novoselic. The CD-Plus

technology is available at special interactive kiosks at the concert

dates, where fans can navigate graphics, video, text and sound bites

that CD-Plus discs offer, including lots of cool Sky Cries Mary Stuff,

like a really pretty page with the lyrics to the song "Every Iceberg

Is A Fire." ("All the heavens are starless/ All the drunkards are

barless/ Streetwalkers are carless/All the big talkers, they are

cigarless." We like, we like!)

So what is CD-Plus? Basically it enables users to play CDs in their

computers and access all sorts of multimedia about the band, like song

lyrics, biographies, band photos and videos. The less technologically

sophisticated can also play the CD in a normal CD player and just hear

the music. Sky Cries Mary is apparently an ideal band to usher in this

latest development, as they have been on the cutting edge of this

whole interactive deal. The band took advantage of M-bone technology

to broadcast a concert via the Internet before the Rolling Stones

Voodoo Lounge tour by a couple of months. Their current tour will also

be broadcast over the Internet. For those of you into a live, in

person experience, here are the dates for shows where the actual band

(nothing virtual) will appear.

"Transmission From Space": Sky Cries Mary, Sweet 75, and Hovercraft

Oct. 27; Pullman, WA; The Zoo

Oct. 29; Bozeman, MT; MSU Student Union

Nov. 3; Ellensburg, WA; Central Wash. U-SUB

Nov. 4; Tacoma, WA; U Puget Sound

Nov. 5; Portland, OR; U of Portland

Nov. 6; Eugene, OR; U of O EMU

Nov. 7; Cupertino, CA; De Anza College

Nov. 10; Visalia, CA; Visalia Concert Center

Nov. 12; San Diego, CA; Brick By Brick

Nov. 13; Long Beach, CA; CSU Long Beach

Nov. 15; Los Angeles, CA; UCLA

Nov. 17; West Hollywood, CA; The Troubador

Nov. 18; Phoenix, AZ; Gibson's

Nov. 19; Tucson, AZ; Club Congress

Nov. 22; Salt Lake City, U; Cinema Bar

Nov. 25; Boise, ID; Neurolux

Nov. 26; Ketchum, ID; Dynomite Lounge