Erasure: Music To Blank To

ATN's Jennie Yabroff spoke with Erasure's Vince Clarke recently about

the band's latest release, Erasure . Most of the songs on the

CD are over five minutes long, with floaty, ethereal vocals. One

particularly lovely (albeit incomprehensible) track is "Sono

Luminous." Here's how Clarke explained the song:

Addicted To Noise: What does Sono Luminous mean?

Vince Clarke: It's taken from, I think it was Science Weekly .

It was the heading for an article about a new way of making energy

from light going into bubbles in water. I think it means getting light

from bubbles, energy from bubbles.

ATN: So you guys are big science fans.

Clarke: That's Andy, really, him and his weird reading.

ATN: Would you have been a scientist if you weren't in a band?

Clarke: I'm quite intrigued by it, really. There's a kind of easy

listening television program in England called "Tomorrow's World," and

they always review like the next thing that's going to change the

world, the next invention. They're always things that never really

happen, that never did happen, and sometimes they show old programs of

things that just didn't take off. I like all that, though. It's the

fantasy of it all.

ATN: Do you think music is like science?

Clarke: I think it is insofar as it allows you to enter a future

world, or a world that doesn't exist. The way it can kind of change,

or lift your emotions onto a different plane, it has that in common

with future science.

ATN: How do you write your songs?

Clarke: We go away from home, and stay somewhere else. Like this time

around we went to Dublin, and hired a room with a piano in it, and

Andy and myself will sit on the piano and just kind of mess about on

it, really, and then we'll sing something over the top, and record

snippets of melodies onto a cassette, and then we'll piece these

snippets together.

ATN: Do you guys ever fight? It sounds like you have an incredible

working relationship.

Clarke: We have a veryidn't know

each other so well. But now we really do know what each other's


ATN: Erasure is music to blank to. What's the blank?

Clarke: (Immediately) Smoke dope to.