Jagger Is Honored While Stones Are Dissed

ATN's Jennie Yabroff reports: Former naughty schoolboy Mick Jagger is

being honored with a performing arts block named after him by his

former Grammar school. An on-line newsgroup reports that Dartford

Grammar School in Kent county, England has voted to name their new

$160,000 arts complex after Jagger, who attended the school as a lad.

The Mick Jagger Center will house a studio theater, dance space, and

music facilities for all the aspiring Stones in the student body.

Jagger, who formed a skiffle band during his Dartford days (but always

did his homework before practice, we're certain) sent a note of thanks

and was reportedly thrilled.

Less thrilled were the Stones by reports of lip-synching during their

recent Voodoo Lounge tour. According to a report in Reuters,

the German magazine Der Spiegel ran a story stating that the

Rolling Stones lip-synched during performances in Germany. The

magazine claimed to have taped the song "A Rock And A Hard Place" at

three separate performances, analyzed the tapes, and concluded they

were so similar that they could not have been the result of three live

performances. Outraged by the assertion that they were faking their

act to pre-recorded tracks, the Stones sued the magazine, demanding a

printed apology. Apparently the compensation for libel is so low in

Germany, it would be more valuable to the group to have the magazine

admit it made a mistake than pay them for damages.