Poke In The Eye WIth A Sharp Stick

For years now, OSC, a mysterious company located somewhere in San

Francisco's underground has been creating these amazing computer

programs that turn Macintosh computers into multitrack recording

studios. If that's not enough, the OSC braintrust has also released a

series of CD-ROM disks (hey, these guys were into CD-ROM before anyone

else on the planet practically had ever heard of CD-ROM) of very weird

sounds that musicians could load into their samplers and use to add a

sense of the bizarre and strange to their music. Sounds like "Banging

on Sheet Metal and Head Squishers. Our favorite: Noisolator. So now

that they've done enough damage to the ears of the world, it's time

for an attack on your eyes. Thus, they will release A Poke in the

Eye with a Sharp Stick a CD-ROM of QuickTime clips, during the

first quarter of '96. To create short videos that can be used by

desktop multimedia producers, they have hooked up with Lord Knows

Compost, a group that has been staging live video performances in the

U.S. for the past five years. Based on what know about the work of

this OSC crowd, we can only expect more of the same from this upcoming

ROM. Sunglasses advised.