Fear Of Toadies Justified

We had to do it. Otherwise they told us they'd hurt us. Badly. And we

don't like to be hurt. They said we had to get you to go check out the

Toadies' ad. All you have to

do is click on the Toadies' banner

at the top of the home page or at the top of the "Music News of the World"

index page (you know, the one you had to get through to get here!).

You'll find excerpts from the great Toadies's album, plus an excerpt

from their video. Plus some strange info. Even a picture of their

album cover. And a picture of the Toadies themselves. And a weird

background. They said we had to convince you to buy the album. OR

ELSE. Look, we like living. We value our fingers and our eyes. Help

us. Please.