Bug Bowie Online

ATN's Jennie Yabroff reports: Now's your chance to ask Ziggy just

exactly how he got that screwed-down hairdo (like some cat from

Japan.) Or what Trent Reznor eats before he goes on-stage. Or, of

course, you could ask David Bowie about his latest CD, Outside

. He'll be taking questions via America Online on Monday, October

30 at 7:30 PM (Pacific Time) at the "Rock Online" site. Then an hour

later a "Rockline" broadcast will begin, bringing fans 90 minutes of

Bowie's music plus soundbytes from the man himself. We hear that Bowie

fans are no slouches when it comes to the information highway, and

have been dishing about the tour and new album via the Internet, as

well as speculating on more personal aspects of the former Thin White

Duke's' personae. Seems Mr. Stardust was seen at a Letterman taping

wearing a sweater with the numbers 1947 on the back. This prompted a

flurry of cyber-speculation as to the importance of this date, with

one fan asserting there must be a correlation to the '47 Roswell, New

Mexico incident supposedly involving a downed alien spacecraft.

Naturally, this led to queries as to whether David Bowie is, in fact

an alien. A true spider from Mars, perhaps? Sure would explain a lot,

wouldn't it?