ATN Non-Interview: Erasure's Vince Clarke Knows Nothing About Britpop

ATN's Jennie Yabroff reports: So we keep hearing about the second wave of the

British invasion, 'cept this time around they drink a lot more beer and are

not so well-mannered as the Beatles. Same haircuts, though. Any truth to

these rumors? The November issue of ATN will explore the New Britpop, with

features on Blur, Menswear, Charlatans UK and others . We spoke to Vince

Clarke of Erasure, a longtime veteran of the British music scene, hoping to

get his thoughts on the subject. Unfortunately, he apparently knows little

about it:

Addicted To Noise: So what do you think of the whole Britpop craze as of


Vince Clarke: I don't really know much about it, really. I mean, I know about

it, because journalists have been talking about it, but I haven't done much

of the reading. I like some of the bands involved, I think.

ATN: So you don't feel at all resentful of these young bands?

Clarke: No, I'm too old to be resentful. Young kids today.... (laughs) I

don't feel a part of it, obviously, but I'm not resentful at all. I think the

music we make is completely different, so it's not like we're in competition

or anything.

ATN: So what do you think of the much-publicized feud between Oasis and Blur?

Clarke: I think there's not really much of it, it's just what the papers say.

I don't think they really hate each other's guts, it's all been blown out of


ATN: Has the music scene changed a lot since your first album?

Clarke: It goes through changes all the time. Last year Suede was hip and

happening, this year Oasis are. I don't think it's that different today (than

when Erasure put out its first album), particularly, I think that the way

bands are sold is much more--it's a hard sell now, much more so than when I

first started getting involved in music.