Say It's Your Birthday: World Party's Karl Wallinger

Today is the birthday of World Party's Karl Wallinger, born this day

1957 in Wales. Originally a member of the Waterboys, Wallinger also

spent time as musical director of The Rocky Horror Picture Show

before forming his entirely self-conceived and executed project

World Party in 1986. The following year he put out his debut album,

Private Revolution which was deeply influenced by

environmental issues and featured help from Sinead O'Connor on vocals.

The rest of that year was spent touring heavily in support of the

album, which did well on U.S. and UK charts, and was college favorite.

Next up for World Party was involvement in the Greenpeace -

Rainbow Warriors project, which also benefited the environment.

Further concerns for the air and fishes prompted the third World party

album, Goodbye Jumbo , which again featured Sinead O'Connor.

In 1990 Wallinger performed the single "Message In The Box" at the MTV

video awards, and it went to #39 on the UK charts. After further

touring, including a festival in Reims, France, World Party released

it's third album Bang! in 1993, which once again spoke of the

evils besotting our troubled planet. Today is also the birthday of

Jennifer Holliday.