Where Have All The Sex Pistols Gone

We already knew that (S)ex Pistol Paul Cook was playing drums in Edwynn

Collins Band, riding high on their hit, "A Girl Like You" and we recently

found out that guitarist Steve Jones--clean and sober for nigh on twelve

years--has been teaming up with Duran Duran guitarist John Taylor for a spate

of shows at the infamous and often nefarious Viper Room. Backing up the dual

guitarists are Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum of Guns N' Roses. Besides this

intriguing side project, Steve Jones is taking his band Baby Bird on the road

this month to promote the release of his second album "Bad Shave." Whether or

not he's in touch with that other Los Angeles inhabitant, John Lydon, is a

matter between them and their maker. But Lydon is still working on his next

album for Virgin Records, which features Lydon and his brother. It's been

slow going, with the release date pushed back twice--now they're threatening

an April release. In addition to working on this album, Lydon has signed on

with Virtually Alternative Radio Network and host's a daily feature called

"Rotten Day." Kind of a punk rock Beavis and Butthead, Lydon slags off

the famous and infamous of the alternative set, as well as putting his own

peculiar spin on "This Day In History." For instance, he's already dissed the

Talking Heads covering an Al Green classic, The Sex Pistols gig at the 100

Club, and the anniversary of yet another rock death. The show airs Monday

through Friday (it began airing on September 18). It's stylishly produced

with music samples and sound bites from the artists mentioned in his rant.

"There are no sacred cows in this. I have a very low tolerance for idiocy, so

I let the people know what they should've known all along--the truth. And I

include myself in the process of slagging as well." The "Rotten Day" is based

on the book Punk Diary 1970-1979written by George Girmarc.