Up In Smoke: KLF Proves You Can Be Too Rich

In a move that smells perilously close to performance art, pop group KLF

burned one million English pounds, and videotaped the bonfire to give it an

arty flair. The inferno was ignited on the island of Jura, with islanders

being the first audience for the tape, shot by KLF roadie Gimpo. Apparently

the band set up a foundation for struggling artists three years ago, but were

unhappy with the results, and felt the money would be better spent by some

lighter fluid and a match. So they had their accountant withdraw a million

pounds in notes, and flew with the two suitcases of money to the island on a

chartered plane. The videotaping was not planned in advance (yeah sure), but

is getting the band some notoriety -- it's first screening is scheduled for a

Glasgow pub, and further shows are to be held in Dublin, Bristol, and London.

No word on the price of admission.