Brian Wilson: It's Not Easy Being Me

Reprise Records is going all out to promote their Friends. Their

always inventive and ever charming VP of Publicity, Bill Bentley thought the

best way to get some attention for Grant Lee Buffalo's cover of the Beach

Boy's "In My Room" was to take Grant Lee Buffalo (and his band too, lest they

get jealous) over to Brian Wilson's house and pose for a picture. When they

were packing up to leave, Brian looked at Grant Lee and asked "You got your

tape boys?" They hadn't brought the tape in, because after all he was Brian

Wilson and one didn't want to impose. But after all he did ask. So Bentley

went to the car took it out of the tape deck and Wilson's wife Melinda put it

on their stereo system (she was the only one who could figure out how to use

it). Brian settled into a chair, closed his eyes and really concentrated on

the track. Then all of a sudden, to everyone's surprise he began singing

along near the end of the song. According to Bentley is was a very surreal

moment. After the recitation, all the Grant Lee Buffalo band members and

photographer said their good-byes and filed out of the house. Before

returning to the car, Bentley turned and spied Brian sitting at his piano

picking out "In My Room" on the keys. By all accounts Brian is haunted by

that song. He told Interview Magazine this month that he had a

difficult time watching the scene in Don Was' I Just Wasn't Made For These

Times when he, his brother Carl and his mother sing "In My Room."

Currently Wilson is honing down the thirty new songs he's written for the

upcoming Beach Boys album with his cousin and longtime colleague Mike Love.

This is the first Beach Boys album that Wilson has worked on since 1977.

Titles of two of the new songs are "It's Not Easy Being Me," and "In God We