Coming To A Bookstore Near You: Screaming Life Seattle Story

Every scene has at least one photographer who seems to be in all the right

places at all the rights times. In the case of Seattle, the man was Charles

Peterson. Peterson started shooting Seattle bands in 1985. In other words, he

was there at the beginning, there before grunge was being called grunge,

before anyone had coined the phrase "alternative rock," shooting Green River,

Tad, Mudhoney and numerous others. Of course he shot Kurt and Nirvana. And

Pearl Jam. And Courtney. And Soundgarden. For Sub Pop he shot record jackets,

posters and promo shots. Yeah, all of this is leading up to the fact that

only now is a big fat book of his work, Screaming Life: A Chronicle of the

Seattle Music Scene, which will be published in late October.

(Screaming Live was, of course, the name of a Soundgarden EP released

on Sub Pop.) The book provides the first comprehensive visual overview of

what happened in Seattle. Michael Azerrad, who wrote Come As You Are: The

Story of Nirvana provides an essay, and the book will be packaged with a

nine song CD of Sub Pop material that includes Soundgarden's "Entering,"

Nirvana's "Negative Creep," Beat Happening's "Midnight a-go-go" and Green

River's "Ain't Nothing to Do."