Heavy Roles For Deb Harry, Evan Dando, Liv Tyler; Thurston Scores!

Debbie Harry

ATN Toronto correspondent Margaret Bream reports from the

20th Annual Toronto International Film Festival: What do Aerosmith, the

Lemonheads, Sonic Youth and Blondie have in common? Musically speaking, not a

heck of a lot. But all three bands happen to have members -- or family

members -- involved with Heavy, a new movie from first-time American

director James Mangold. Heavy tells the story of Victor, an

overweight, embarrassingly introverted young man who helps his domineering

mother run a tavern in upstate New York. Caught in Dolly's iron grip, Victor

is buried in the quicksand of low self-esteem until a series of dramatic

events make him realize it's not too late for him to get a life. As Victor,

the shy pizza-maker with the big

dreams, Pruitt Taylor Vince does a star turn that in a bigger budget flick

could earn him an Academy Award nod.

But rock fans will want to catch Heavy to see the on-screen

performances of Blondie lead singer Deborah Harry -- who plays the role of

Delores, the tavern's cynical, middle-aged waitress who has served more than

one too many pizzas -- and Lemonheads main man Evan Dando, who makes a

convincing appearance as Jeff, the guitar-strumming, ballad-singing boyfriend

of the bar's new waitress, Callie. Behind the scenes, Sonic Youth's Thurston

Moore wrote the original score, his first for a movie. Moore's surprisingly

melodic music was recorded and mixed by another SY member, Lee Renaldo.

But the surprise of the film comes in the role of Callie, the beautiful young

new waitress around whom the action flows. Callie is played with convincing

intensity by none other than Liv Tyler, the raven-haired teenage daughter of

Aerosmith's Steven Tyler. Liv, 16 at the time she was cast in Heavy,


never acted or taken an acting lesson before, although she had starred as the

rebel schoolgirl in the video for Aerosmith's "Crazy." But the role of

Callie has proven to be career-making for Tyler. Based on her outstanding

portrayal, Tyler has already been cast in numerous other films with

well-known directors, including upcoming films by Woody Allen and Bernardo


Heavy is worth seeing as a fine foray into some largely unexplored


territory. But the presence of Harry, Dando, Tyler, Moore and Renaldo in the

talent lineup make it a must-see flick for rock

fans. Heavy is expected to be released in North America early in the New