Muffs for Free

Not only has Kim Shattuck paid her debt to society (although her "drunken

disorderly" charge remains on her permanent record) but she paid for the TV

she threw out of the hotel window when the Muffs were in Birmingham, Alabama

last month. But did you know that the jail house that she spent the night in

was the very same place that Martin Luther King was jailed in during the

skirmishes over the desegregation of the schools in Birmingham during the

early 1960s? Not that it makes it right, mind you, but it makes it cool.

The Muffs have other cool things on their agenda such as the free show that

they are performing in Dallas, Texas today (September 16) at The West End

Market, cohosted by radio station KDGE. Reprise Records has some techno-hi

jinx up their sleeve for this concert, which pays homage to Portishead who

have been in the habit of projecting their likenesses on the sides of

buildings in greater London. This time, Warner Bros., and Reprise Records

artists will be projected onto the entire wall of a building at the concert

site, in what will be a video billboard. Concert goers will be able to see

the likeness of the Goo Goo Dolls, Australian stars You Am I, Ash, Muffs, and

Babes in Toyland, in addition to seeing the rehabilitated Ms. Shattuck.