Oasis's New Album Recalled

Oasis have taken one of the tracks off their upcoming album, (What's The

Story) Morning Glory originally due out on Epic on October 3, but now

pushed back a week. The track in question is "Step Out," which resembles

Stevie Wonder's "Alright" (released in 1966) a little too much. To add insult

to injury, Liam Gallagher even sings the word "alright " in the chorus.

Oasis has refused to comment on the decision to ax "Step Out," but their

label has confirmed that the song will not appear on the album. A few advance

cassettes were sent out to reviewers with the offensive track (yours truly,

included), but Epic refuses to distribute any more. According to other

published reports, CDs containing "Step Out" will now either be destroyed or

put in cold storage.