Epitaph Bootlegs Bad Religion Bootlegs for Compilation Disk

Epitaph Records is going to release a compilation of Bad Religion's best

material off their first five albums which will be titled All Ages on

November 7. In addition to the studio tracks, Epitaph wanted to include a

couple of live tracks, except the problem was that everything in their vaults

was of poor sound quality. Quick thinking exec Gina Davis, knowing full well

that Bad Religion is one of the most bootlegged bands around, began calling

around looking for bootleg copies of their performances, and came up with

about forty different versions of the group's shows. The Epitaph brain trust

settled on one particular cassette, which was so pristine it must have come

right from the sound board. Epitaph figures this particular bootlegger had to

be a friend of the soundman. So without ceremony they lifted "Do What You

Want" and "Fuck Armageddon (This Is Hell)," essentially bootlegging the

bootleggers. Smart thinking, Gina.