Neil Young's Dublin Concert Soon To Play In Your Own Living Room

Photo By Jay Blakesburg

ATN just got word that Neil Young recorded his Dublin concert last

month (performing with Pearl Jam as his back-up band) with an eye to

releasing it either later this year, or in early 1996. According to

Young's manager, Elliot Roberts, Academy Award winning director, Jim

Sheridan (My Left Foot) filmed the concert, with plans to

release the footage as part of a package with the recording. Warner's

uber-publicist, Bob Merlis, informs us that it would be unlikely that a

live album would be released without the film. "Let's just say that

the album would be driven by the film, rather than the other way

around." According to Merlis, no one has seen the footage yet--but he

asks the rhetorical question, "How bad could it be, the guy has an

academy award, he knows what he's doing."