Rip-Off Artists? Bowie & Reznor Talk

For whatever reason, David Bowie and Trent

Reznor decided to subject

themselves to the questioning of the dreaded Kennedy recently. The

taped interview (everything is taped that you see on MTV) aired last

night and it had it's moments. Actually, a better way to put it would

be that Bowie and Reznor managed to say almost nothing for at least 30

minutes. This is taking the principles of Warhol to the max. They got

the major exposure, but revealed little of themselves. Mostly it was

Bowie looking over at Reznor and the two of them laughing, Bowie

kissing up to Reznor. Reznor looking a tad embarrassed at Bowie's

praise. And Kennedy saying stupid things. For instance, she told them

that when she was in high school the Grateful Dead and Dylan had

toured and that on the tickets it said, "alone and together."She

wanted to know if the Bowie/NIN tour would be like that. "I don't

think we should tell you, really," Bowie told her. (ATN has known for

weeks that the two would perform together; later in the interview

Bowie explained that they will perform together, and that they have

conceived the evening as one very intense show that will awake "new

feelings" in those that see it, rather than two distinct sets by two

different bands). "Cause then you'll say, it'll be like Dylan and the

Grateful Dead. And most people aren't around who went to that show.

[Laughs] Most of the Grateful Dead aren't still around."

Kennedy then responded with TV personality fake sympathy for Garcia,

and asked Bowie if he was upset about Garcia's death. Bowie could

clearly care less. "I never saw him," he said.

Kennedy: "Jerry Garcia died."

Bowie: "I don't know much about the man."

Kennedy then asked Reznor about being influenced by Bowie's

Low. "I was with Flood," said Reznor. "We were going through a

phase of over analyzing everything. Really thinking cerebrelly

about what we were going to do. That record, we both realized we'd

been listening to a lot. Sometimes we'll sit and think about

everyting from moods on different records to structures of songs to

instrumentation. One thing we both found on Low, a lot of the

songs had odd structures. When you'd think it'd do something

predictably that a pop song would do, it would do something else But

it seemed natural. That was something we used as a blueprint. And the

layout of that album. One side primarly songs and the 2nd side turning

into more of an instrumental mood thing. That was somthing we

blatantly ripped off. There's one point when we were doing the record

and I came up with a melody and I thought, this is really good but I

couldn't have written it myself. I played it for Flood. He said,

that's really good. I played it for other people. Does this sound

familiar? And one day Scary Monsters had come out and I put it

on and this song came on and to my horror, it's the same: "Crystal


Kenndy: "Oh man, you're like Vanila Ice stealing from Queen."

Bowie: Hasn't that been the battle since the '60s about appropraiation

in art? I mean I do it all the time."