L7 On Lou (Reed, That Is)

We heard from L7's Susie Gardner herself, that when L7 met Lou Reed at

Australia's Big Day Out earlier this year, Dee Sparks approached Reed and

asked if he was going to play his song "I Love You Suzanne." Reed said he

wasn't planning on it, but he would if L7 helped him out. So they did, and

according to Gardner, "that was like one of those magic moments, like pinch

me." Apparently Mr. Reed enjoyed himself as well, and performed with the band

at two more shows. So far, no definite plans to record together, but Gardner

says "it's just awesome to think there's a possibility we may do something

together in the future...." Speaking of the future, L7 will be in the studio

shortly (mid-September) to record a new album. The band has been trying out

one new song for the album, "Non-existent Patricia," on audiences during the

Warped tour. Of the tour, Gardner says she stayed sane by keeping her sense

of humor, and "just cutting up with friends.... we pull the stuff we do into

the show, and I don't know if it entertains the fans at all, and I don't

really care....."