Rancid On Bus Trek Through Europe

As you read this Rancid will probably be leaving Milan, Italy heading for

Munich Germany in a van with Epitaph honcho Brett Gurewitz in toe. Gurewitz,

who hasn't been road warrior-ing since his days in Bad Religion, is actually

sleeping on the bus and swapping stories with Rancid's bus driver, Graham

Gower. Gower always drove Bad Religion on their European tours, so he knew

Gurewitz way back when. The only thing that is different this time around,

according to Gower, is that Gurewitz is carrying a PowerBook instead of a

guitar. Rancid returns to America on October, and with only a few days off

for jet lag, Tim Armstrong will get down to work directing Rancid's new video

for "Junkie Man," the cut which features Jim Carroll on backing vocals.

Armstrong has directed all of Rancid's videos expect for "Time Bomb" on the

advice of the bands manager, who wanted him to get "spiritually ready for

touring" and focus on that, instead of getting involved in the videos. Except

that when the video for "Time Bomb" was finished, there was a small problem.

So Armstrong rolled up his sleeves and spent three days editing the video, to

it's current state of perfection. This time Rancid's manager Jim Guerinot

didn't even bother to tell him not to direct "Junkie Man." Instead, he just

hired a production director who will deal with all the mundane hiring and

logistics. That way Armstrong can concentrate on his art.