New Album Review In ATN's 44.1 kHz

First of all, it's come to our attention that many avid Addicted To Noise

readers may not know that every other day, we add a review by a genius rock

critic to our album review section, which we cleverly call "44.1 kHz." And

why, some of you surely must be asking, don't you just call your album review

section, "Albums" or "Sounds" or "Reviews" or something sort of normal that

would make people think that it actually was a section of album reviews,

instead of some weird number. All we can say about that , is this: when they

make CDs, which are digital, they sample the music at 44.1 kHz. So we thought

we were being really clever when we came up with that name for a review

section. Boy were we wrong. But it's too late now. The name is etched in

digital, on-line stone, so to speak, and there's no turning back. So all we

can do is let you know that, if you go to "44.1kHz" you'll find loads of

reviews by genius writers about very cool albums. In fact, a review of

Graham Parker's 12

Haunted Episodes just went up. Check it out.