All Stitched Up And Nowhere To Go: Amps Drummer Hit By Friendly Fire

Photo By Jay Blakesburg

The Amps, the new band formed by Breeders Kim Deal

and Jim MacPherson began

their performing career with a bang. They played an impromptu show in Dublin

two weeks ago and everything seemed to be going well until the band started

destroying their equipment. Little mighty mite, Kim Deal, flung Jim

MacPherson's drum kit into the crowd, apparently wounding the drummer when a

cymbal fell on his head. Obviously it was a case of tyranny of the insane,

because no sooner did the band begin to thrash their instruments than a

member of the audience jumped on-stage and nabbed one of the band's guitars,

and ran out of the club carrying it, followed by members of the Amps who

overtook him, tackled him and retrieved the instrument. According to a report

in Melody Maker Jim MacPherson was driven to St. Vincent's Hospital

in Dublin after partygoers at the after-show shindig pointed out that he was

bleeding profusely (like he didn't know?). The doctors stitched him up and

sent him on his way. The Amps debut single "Tipp City/Just Like A Briar"

from their forthcoming album, Empty Glasses, will be released in two

weeks. The album hits the stores on October 30.