Paws And Claws At The MTV Music Awards

Today we got further confirmation on the Tricky and Bjork romance. It seems

when she was in San Francisco, opening up for P.J. Harvey and Veruca Salt,

the Ice Maiden called his hotel every hour on the hour, demanding that the

hotel operator tell her where "Treeky was." Meanwhile, another celebrity

coupling that seems to be on tenuous strings is Helena Christiansen and Oasis'

Liam Gallagher. Helena was spotted making goo-goo eyes at those under-age

charmers, Supergrass at the MTV Music Awards. It was a really exciting night

backstage. Claws were drawn at the show when Courtney Love got wind of the

fact that Alanis Morissette had been playing kissy-face with Christian Lane,

the guitarist/vocalist from Loud Lucy the band that is opening up for

Morissette. What rankled Love is that Lane is supposedly the boyfriend of her

label mate, Louise Post of Veruca Salt. So Love had a few choice things to

say to the Canadian vixen about the meaning of sisterhood. Not to be outdone,

Madonna jumped into the fray, becoming a little vituperous as she attempted

to defend Morissette against the onslaughts of the Loved One. (After all,

Morissette is signed to Madonna's Maverick Records.)