The Jesus and Mary Chain Give U.S. & UK Media The Finger (Sort Of)

Photo By Jay Blakesburg

Those wild and wacky Reid brothers William and Jim are at it again. Their

combo The Jesus and Mary Chain are properly revered as noise pioneers

throughout the better part of the civilized world, but have never escaped the

curse of cultdom in North America. last year's "Sometimes Always" (featuring

a vocal assist from Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star) from the Stoned and

Dethroned album is as close as they've come to making a permanent

impression here. So how do those Scottish rascals follow up their

near-breakthrough? With an album called I Hate Rock & Roll , whose

lead track (conveniently called the same) has been designed so that it

can't be played on radio or television! Their avoidance of messy

commercial success seems to be insured by lines like these: "I love the BBC/

I love it when they're pissing on me/ I love MTV/ I love it when they're

shitting on me."

(We know that the BBC -- the British Broadcasting Corporation -- refuses to

play their music simply because of the group's name, but we can't imagine

what MTV could have done to piss the lads off. Do you know? Send e-mail. Like

right now!)

You'll have the pleasure of not hearing this on the radio and not seeing the

video when I Hate Rock & Roll is unleashed next month. According to

a press release we can expect "the Jesus and Mary Chain to do some surprise

performances prior to the release of the album." Just be sure to act