New Beatles Album Due Nov. 20

More than 40 previously unreleased Beatles' recordings will be collected on

The Beatles Anthology Vol. 1, a two CD set to be released on November

20. The album's release with coincide with a three part "Beatles Anthology"

TV special to be shown on ABC beginning Nov. 19. (Hey, now we get it. You see

part one on Nov. 19. You get all excited about the Beatles. Then, on Nov. 20,

you get up, go to the closest record store, and spend lots of money on the

new album. Cool.) So anyway, this album will include rare gems like an early

Paul McCartney-George Harrison effort, "In Spite of All the Danger" recorded

in 1958 when they still went by the name Quarry Men, and a version of "Love

Me Do" recorded in June of 1962, when Pete Best was still on drums. All of

the material was recorded between 1958 and 1964. There are recordings from

the group's unsuccessful audition for Decca Records ("Hello Little Girl" and

"Like Dreamers Do"), alternate takes of "A Hard Day's Night," "You Can't Do

That" and "Please Please Me," some live recordings from the BBC (that didn't

make it onto the Live at the BBC album) and material performed on the

"Ed Sullivan Show." Also on the first volume is one of three John Lennon

songs to which McCartney, Harrison and Ringo Starr have added new vocal and

instrumental tracks. "Free as a Bird" will appear on the first album; "Real

Love" and "Grow Old WIth Me" will appear on subsequent volumes which will

hits the stores next spring and summer.