David Gahan Back On Track: Depeche Mode Recording A New Album

Depeche Mode singer David Gahan is on the road to recovery according to his

publicist Michael Pagnotta, and is due to leave for Britain early next month

to begin work on a new Depeche Mode album. According to Pagnotta, Depeche

Mode guitarist Martin Gore and Gahan are on fine terms--and pooh-poohed

reports that a riff between the two contributed to the Gahan's depression,

and resultant suicide attempt. Pagnotta speculated that Alan Wilder's

departure last spring from the band was what punters were calling the

break-up of the band, and stressed that Wilder left on amicable terms. Gore

has been busy at work writing new songs, and already has five in the can.

Since Wilder's departure, Depeche Mode has decided to carry on as a three

piece with the three original members of the band--Gahan, Gore and Andy

Fletcher (bass synthesizer). A representative from Depeche Mode's label said

we can expect the album early next year.