Say It's Your Birthday

Unbelievably there are no birthdays on this day, so instead we wanted to mark

this day as the anniversary of when Morrissey split the Smiths. On this day

in 1987, after head Smith Stephen Morrissey appeared without the rest of the

Smiths, the group he founded with guitarist Johnny Marr in 1982 ,on the video

for the group's Top 20 single "Girlfriend In A Coma," rumors of the band's

imminent dissolution seemed to be confirmed. It came to light that Morrissey

and Marr had a serious falling out which could mean nothing but the demise of

the band. While Marr worked with the Talking Heads, Bryan Ferry and Paul

McCartney, as well as putting in a brief spell with the Pretenders and The

The, Morrissey signed with EMI as a solo artist, scoring four UK Top 10 hits

within 18 months.