ATN Album Of The Week: Palace Music's Viva Last Blues

Addicted To Noise Editor Michael Goldberg writes: Sometimes I'm not in the

mood for the Chili Peppers, draped in chains, mostly naked, tattoos

everywhere, acting weird for no reason other than to get attention drawn to

their single "Warped" and their new album. Sometimes I feel like finding a

ghost town somewhere, maybe in the Nevada desert. It would be hot. There would

be one of those bars off the Western movie set, where ice cold drinks were

served 24-hours-a-day. And in the bar, there would be this stage. And on the

stage, would be this band called Palace Music, who I think are the Palace

Bros., but they call themselves Palace Music on their new album, and that's

just fine with me. Cause I don't care what they call themselves. And I don't

care what they look like (no pic on this disk), what I care about is the

cracked rock by way of, perhaps, American Music Club and an old Grateful Dead

album called American Beauty and maybe Cracker and certainly Leonard

Cohen. Mostly, this is a low-keyed, country-rock drone thing. Steve Albini

recorded the damn thing in Alabama (I know this because on the album credits

it says "Recorded by Steve Albini in Alabama"). Will Oldham sings and plays

guitar. He's got one of those voices that would have fit right in out on the

prairie in the '40s. Or in Virginia City in 1965. Or playing from the stereo

in my office in 1995. A few songs pick up the tempo, like "Work Hard/ Play

Hard." Coolest thing is how "More Brother Rides" just kind of drifts,

offhand, out of your speakers and into the room. And then again, who can

resist an album that includes a song called "Viva Ultra." Not I.