"TV Eye" Baywatch Special Report

So the thing was that Billy Altman, the renowned critic who was there at the

very birth of punk, who once edited the original Creem magazine's

record review section, who has penned numerous groovy reviews for ATN over

the past year, called up one day, from his international rock critic's center

in upstate New York, to suggest that he wanted to start writing this

"TV Eye"

thing. We hate TV, we told him. Yeah, but I'll just write about the cool

stuff, he told us. We were tripping or something because we bought into that,

forgetting that there is no such thing as cool stuff, when it comes to TV.

But anyway, by the time we realized that, Mr. Altman was already sending us

these "TV Eye"

columns. What could we do but run them. Which is how we

explain the "Baywatch" obsession that has hit ATN. Not only is Altman's

column about "Baywatch" this month, not only did our HTML encoding crew slip

as many "Baywatch" babe photos into said feature as possible, not only did

they create like three "Baywatch" QuickTime movies, but our managing editor,

Eric Lipton, has caught the "Baywatch" virus and slipped "Baywatch"

references into every nook and cranny of ATN. So, to understand the root of

this sick situation, you must read Mr. Altman's discourse on "Baywatch" in

"TV Eye,"

this month. An ATN exclusive. Don't miss it.