Red Hot Chili Peppers Drop Two Songs From New LP

Red Hot Chili Peppers are embarking on their European tour on September 10,

one day after their new album, One Hot Minute, is released. Before the

album is released, they decided to fool around with the songs one more time.

The changed the name of one song, ("River" the song about River Phoenix is

now called "Transcending") and dropped two of the tracks ("Stretch" and

"Blender") without any explanation. Our best guess is that there were fifteen

cuts on the CD, and they decided to make it a more manageable and lucky

thirteen. This week the members of the band will be featured on MTV's

"Alternative Nation"--a different member hosting the show each night (Monday

night it was Anthony Kiedes's)--ending with all of them appearing on Friday


show. Next week they'll be rehearsing for their appearance on the MTV Video

Awards, and after that it's off to Europe for two months. They begin their

month-long American tour in November. The first single from the LP, "Warped,"

was released on August 21, backed by "Pea" and a non-LP cut called

"Melancholy Mechanics." Here's a complete track list for One Hot


"Warped," "Aeroplane," "One Hot Minute," "My Friends," "Coffee Shop," "Pea,"

"One Big Mob," Deep Kick," "Tear Jerker," "Walkabout," "Shallow Be Thy Name,"

"Falling Into Grace," and "Transcending."