Urge Overkill To Perform Exit The Dragon In Australia

Urge Overkill start their

first full tour of Australia next month and hopefully won't be bringing any

of their Glastonbury Festival stage-trashing antics for the ride. "That was

the first show we had played where we did new songs," explains Eddie "King"

Roeser. "The situation with festivals is you go from a basement to a field in


of thousands of people . A lot of bands who play have the luxury of having

been on tour for a year before getting on this gigantic stage. We didn't. Our

other shows went great, but Glastonbury was the most publicized and

the one that blew up. Things weren't set up right, Blackie broke a snare,

got angry and trashed his kit. But I think if sometimes a set's a disaster

it's okay."

Australian fans will be among the first in the world to hear songs from

Urge's excellent new album Exit The Dragon played live. "This will be

our debut, our shows over there," says Roeser. "We haven't really toured

these songs too extensively. We've done four or five shows in Europe,

Glastonbury, press and all that. The new songs will really flesh out our set.

It will be great to be over there, I feel more comfortable opening up in

Australia, I think there is a sort of a positive vibe you get from that

country really stands out."