Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark In The Dark About Litigious Fan

(from left)

Two months ago a woman named Barbara Klempa began sending letters to OMD's

Andy McCluskey at the offices of Virgin Records, OMD's record label, offering

him office space in a ritzy neighborhood in London. McCluskey knew Klempa as

one of "The Balmy Army," the term the band has for their hard-core followers,

but there was never any personal contact between Klempa and the band, said

Martin Kirkup, manager for OMD. McCluskey's management advised him to do

nothing about the offers, in hopes that they would just be forgotten. As for

the record label, they gave her the standard "Thank you for your interest in

OMD" kind of response. Apparently Klempa was angered. Angered enough to

obtain a writ from the High Court in London last week, claiming that she

inspired the name, "Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark," as well acting as the

inspiration for McCluskey and co-founder Paul Humphreys for some of their

songs--a service that will cost the duo five million pounds if she has her

way. She told reporters outside the High Court two weeks ago that, "This is a

personal thing between me, Andrew McCluskey, and Paul Humphreys." She also

added that she plans to issue the writ in person rather than through her

lawyers, but as of today, she has failed to do so. According to sources close

to the band, "She's a lonely fan, who just wants to get close to the guys,

especially Andy." The songs she claims she inspired are: "Electricity,"

"Dreaming," "Forever Live And Die," and "Goddess Of Love." Songs that in some

cases were written ten years apart, long before she ever became one of the

OMD faithful.