Morphine's Road Report

Morphine has been on the road so much this past year, that people accuse them

of not having a place to hang their hats--but we hear the dark and wickedly

ironic band is alive and well in the greater Boston area working on music for

the soundtracks of two major motion pictures. The stoic staff at Rykodisc

refuses to release the names of the films but assure us that they are "very

big movies." Additionally, Morphine's song "Yes" is due to show-up on the

soundtrack of the upcoming film National Lampoon's Senior Trip. In

addition Morphine will be headlining the second stage of the H.O.R.D.E.

Festival in the following cities:

August 19, Milwaukee, Marcus Amphitheater

August 20, Detroit, Pine Knob

August 24, Philadelphia, Mann Music Center

August 25, Washington DC, Stone Ridge

August 26, Raleigh, Walnut Creek

August 27, Atlanta, Lakewood

August 29, Austin, South Island Field

August 30, Dallas, Starplex

Just to show you what it's like out there, Mark Sandman of Morphine has

written the following tour diary for ATN:

"July, 1995

"From Hamburg we went to Kristiansand, Norway. In the lobby by 10 AM,

straight to the airport in two minivan taxis. Fly to Copenhagen, Denmark and

transfer to a propeller plane flown by Maersk Air. NON-stop to Kristiansand,

Norway's number one summer vacation destination.

"It was a festival called the Quart Festival, and Urge Overkill and Black

Crowes were the headliners. weezer morphine and tricky among others. Tried to

find Norwegian soccer shirts. they just had Manchester United. Tottenham

Spurs, none others. Strange licorice candies and usual cheap pierced

earrings, stickers, t-shirts, fried fake bacon rind, or maybe it was real. a

gyroscope ride, free condoms, draft beer only. Urge O. in a big tent we were

in a smaller venue. sort of a function room with vested catering type staff.

"They understood my simple Norwegian showbiz cliches and away we went. The

crowd barriers began to tip over from the start. some twenty staffers had to

hold up the barrier with all their weight, for the whole show. Tausan Tak A

thousand Thanks I repeated a thousand times. The place was oversold and

sweaty and all moving and shouting things out add we played a long time.

Afterwards we went to the disco in the basement of our hotel which was

alright when we arrived to old james Brown but it devolved soon into 200

beats per minute and I went to my 3rd floor room where I could still hear the

music, And went to sleep. A long flight to Portugal tomorrow.

"Portugal's first rock festival. we followed Youusou N'Dour, and before

Therapy, Faith no More and The Cure. about 30,000 black-haired kids, tossing

each other high in the air to land on unsuspecting girls upfront who soon

abandoned that spot. Sometimes the kids were launched clear over the fence

and landed hard on the paved ground. I find the sight of blood and pain

distracting when I'm performing. I try to look away but it's like slowing

down to see the accident on the side of the hiway."