On The Net: The Ticketmaster project

Surfing the Net, we discovered that Randy Schechter is collecting the names

of all concert venues that don't currently have

exclusive contracts with Ticketmaster. His goal is to help bands that want to

schedule tours without Ticketmaster's involvement do so. He's asking anyone

who knows of venues that don't have exclusive contracts with Ticketmaster to

send that information to him at:


If possible, Schechter would like you to include the name of the agency that

handles ticket distribution for the venue. He asked that you "please limit

your replies to venues that

could realistically be expected to hold a Neil Young/Pearl Jam/major Rock

act concert (i.e. NOT your living room or local movie theatre)."

Below is a partial list of venues that Schechter has put together:

Merriweather Post Pavilion in Colombia Maryland (Protixx)

Wolftrap in Vienna (?) Virginia (Protixx)