Green Day's New Manager, Part 2

Ok, Ok, so maybe we got a little carried away yesterday when we wrote what

some readers think was a "hostile" article about new Green Day manager Randy

Steffes. Feedback from those who know Steffes paints him as a great guy, a

trusted confidant of the band, and a good guy to field business for the band

members. In fact, we're told that Green Day are managing themselves, and that

Steffes is simply acting as a buffer between the band and all the sharks

circling the group, hoping to sink their sharp teeth into some of those

millions of CD royalties. We must say, however, that Steffes wasn't exactly

Mr. Nice Guy when we called him day before yesterday. In fact, he was down

right unfriendly. We'll chalk that up to being new on the job, that kind of

thing. In any case, we're looking forward to the upcoming Green Day album,

and hope Steffes is up for handling the craziness that will ensure once the

new album hits the street.