Black Day For Green Day?

We heard that Green Day were being provisionally managed by their road

manager and long-time crony, Ben Mattick while they gathered their wits after

leaving the management team of Eliot Cahn and Jeff Saltzman at Cahn-Man

Management in Berkeley. Leaving before their management contract ran out, we

understand. And now that some of the dust has cleared, word is that the

genesis of the argument between Green Day and management was over

merchandising rights. Supposedly Green Day wanted one of their friends to get

the concession to market Green Day paraphernalia, but Cahn gave the

merchandising rights to Brockam, one of the big-buck merchandisers. This

wasn't the final straw, but it did begin to further erode the already tenuous

relationship the band had with their management.

Anyway, poking our noses where we shouldn't, we found that the information

about Ben Mattick was false. He isn't managing Green Day after all, instead

he is still working for 510 Records, the label owned by Cahn and Saltzman,

and road managing the Muffs. Green Day's new manager turns out to be Randy

Steffes, a man without any kind of management experience, and no other

clients. What Steffes has, however, is a solid relationship with Green Day,

who trust him to look after their interests. Randy wasn't all that thrilled

to receive a jingle from ATN, and seemed rather peeved when we called asking

whether he was indeed Green Day's manager. "Green Day are managing

themselves," he told us rather tartly.

"Yes, but aren't you the one that's wearing the crown?" we countered.

"Believe me I'm not wearing a crown," he said, moving from peeved towards


"So what qualifications do you have to manage Green Day?" we asked trying on

an expression innocence and guile.

"I've worked for the band and they trust me. You know, I'm not wanting to

talk about this now, " he said rather abruptly.

"When would you like to continue the conversation?" we countered.

"Maybe when Green Day get back from their European tour in September?"

Steffes said uncomfortably.

"Have you chosen a name for your company yet?" we inquired.

"Yeah, but I'm not going to tell you." he said finally arriving at surly.

We know when to let things lie, so ATN let Steffes off the hook, telling him

ominously :-) that we were sure we'd be speaking again real soon. Steffes

will be introduced to the execs at Warner Reprise at a meeting on August 1.

We tried to pry some information out of our Burbank sources, but no one seems

to know anything about this mystery manager. Except of course for Billie Joe,

Tre Cool and Mike--and as everyone knows, they aren't talking to the press.