All Joey (Ramone That Is) All The Time

ATN Special Correspondent, Joey Ramone had quite the adventures in Los

Angeles when he hosted "Alternative Nation Countdown" Tuesday. He was

originally supposed to host the show with the ineffable Kennedy out at the

Malibu Beach House but it seems Kennedy was out sick with an especially

virulent case of the flu, and he had to host the entire six segments himself.

Nothing wrong with that, considering our dear Mr. Ramone is seldom at a loss

for words, and doesn't have any trouble coming up with spirited, if sometimes

skewed commentaries to go along with the videos, if not all of life. But MTV

is going to splice Kennedy into the show, a la the Frank Sinatra duets with

Bono et. al, which she will record once she arises from her sick bed and dons

another one of those fetching outfits, you know, the translucent ones that

show off her black panties and bra. So when the show airs this weekend,

you'll see the happy couple. (You'll also see ATN and "

Joey Ramone's

Unsigned" featured on MTV News' "Week in Rock" all this weekend). The next

day (Wed., July 26), Joey had a lunch date with Brett Gurewitz, the president

of Epitaph Records. Gurewitz came to pick him up in his two door,

four-on-the-floor black 1965 GTO and swept him away to Epitaph World

Headquarters in Hollywood. We're sure they cut a dashing picture streaking

down Sunset Blvd. on the way to Netty's in Silverlake in search of some grub.

The two of them lunched with ATN's Joan Tarshis, and the infamous former MC5

guitar wizard Wayne Kramer on blackened tuna and spinach ravioli in a cream

tomato sauce with basil [Editor's note to "Music News of the World" editor:

Do we really care what they ate?] and played a stirring game of "How would

you commit suicide" while waiting for their cappuccinos. On the way back

Brett played Joey two cuts he wrote and sang lead on, which he plans to

release "someday." Our Joey offered to sing some back-ups on Gurewitz