Say It's Your Birthday: Catherine Wheel's Rob Dickinson

Today is the birthday of Rob Dickinson, the lead singer with Catherine

Wheel, an updated heavy metal outfit named after an ancient implement of

torture, much like Iron Maiden--a band that featured Rob's cousin Bruce on

vocals. Consisting of Dickinson, guitarist Brian Futter, bassist Dave

Hawes, and drummer Neil Sims, Catherine Wheel was formed in the seaside

town of Yarmouth England in 1990, The gruesome torture device that they

named themselves after dates back to the fourth century St. Catherine--but

that's all they'll say on the matter. They are one of the few bands that

have garnered American success in the post-grunge eras, and recently

released their third album, inexplicably titled Happy Days. They come

with impeccable credentials (notwithstanding the

Bruce Dickinson connection) having hired Gil Norton (Pixies, Echo & The

Bunnymen) to produce their last outing. Like a number of albums released in

'94 and '95,

Catherine Wheel also stuck a tribute to Cobain on the record. It's titled

"Hole." The story behind the track is that they were in the seventh day of

pre-production, and that was the day Kurt took his life. The song

chronicles the band's reaction to the tragedy. It's also the birthday of

Tim Kellitt (Simply Red), Martin Gore(Depeche Mode) and Sam Walters (Color

Me Badd).