Say It's Your Birthday: The Byrd's Roger McGuinn

Today is the birthday of Jim McGuinn born on this day in Chicago in 1942. He

is a founding member of the Byrds and owns the name--important because the

line-up always changed with the one constant being McGuinn and his current

musical interest ranging from space rock to country and western. He changed

his name to Roger as part of his Subud religion, during the recording of

5 D and never looked back. With the Byrds, his distinctive 12-string

Rickenbacker electric sound has inspired groups too numerous to name (but

including the Beatles). His solo recordings haven't risen to the level of his

best work with the Byrds, but highlights include his self-titled debut,

Cardiff Rose, and his 1991 comeback effort, Back From Rio.

Although not a birthday, today marks the day that Billy The Kid was shot by

Pat Garrett in 1881.