Are Elastica Fans Cooler Than R.E.M. fans?

No, R.E.M. haven't found their missing Hugo doll yet, but they aren't

the only rock stars that have experienced losses at the hands of

over-adoring fans. Elastica's Justine Frischmann lost her beloved and

well-broken in black leather jacket when the band played the Black Cat

in Washington, D.C. last month. The glacial cool Ms Frischmann got a

little hot under the collar during the performance and slipped off

the jacket. After the set when went to retrieve it and it was no where

to be found. For two weeks she lamented over her dear departed friend

(you know how one can get attached to black leather) and when she

finally gave up all hope, a package arrived at Geffen Records' Los

Angeles offices, containing the jacket. Bivouac, that heavy

alternative rock band from Derby England experienced loss in a

slightly different way. Singer Paul Yeadon was the proud possessor of

one of those state-of-the-art Japanese robots. Some even said he was

obsessed by the stream-lined toy. So obsessed that he wanted to put

the robot on the bands CD sleeve for their upcoming release Full

Sized Boy. Yeadon was so insistent that the rest of the guys gave

in. They staged the shot, and all went well until the photographer was

packing up to leave, and was heading toward his car with the robot

tucked under his arm. First he stashed some of his gear in the back

seat of the car, and inadvertently put the robot on the top of his

car--and drove off. He hadn't got half way down the street when he

heard a rousing clank--and stopped to find the toy in pieces. What to

do. He knew he couldn't tell Yeadon, who would most likely lose his

cool--so he consulted Bivouac's management. Knowing Yeadon well, they

decided not to tell the singer of the accident, and quickly dispatched

the robot off to a doll hospital in New York who specializes in these

things. (How do they know this stuff?) All would have gone well, if

one of the other members of the band hadn't blabbed about the incident

to Rock Fax, the radio news service. So damned if Yeadon wasn't

driving in his car when he found out about the fate of his little

friend. The story does have a happy ending. The doll hospital was able

to restore the robot to near-perfect shape, the album will be out on

September 24--and the photographer will never work for them again.