Batman Forever Is Like a Comic Book Come To Life

We made it to the Batman Forever screening night before last

and we weren't disappointed. TwoFace and The Riddler are formidable

foes for the Caped Crusader, and Val Kilmer is a credible Batman. This

movie, even more than the others, is about mood, texture and

spectacular visuals. Imagine the frames of a Batman comic brought to

life and you have a feel for this movie. Most of it is stylized, with

the major crime scenes being orchestrated in a surreal, over-blown

manner. Everything is over-the-top. There is no attempt to make the

viewer believe this is real. Instead, one accepts that this is a

"comic book," and thus the most far-fetched concepts make sense in

that context. The Riddler's "Box," a diabolical invention that can

both place images in a person's head, but can also suck out the

contents of their brain, is weird enough to have been pulled right out

of an old Batman comic (for all I know, it was). The dialogue is lame,

and there are some slow moments. Still, all in all, this movie rocks,

and anyone who ever dug the comic should see it. The scene where The

Riddler destroys much of the contents of the Batcave is a must see.