A Little More Faith, Assholes."

Despite some published reports that the San Diego Pearl Jam shows scheduled

for June 26 and June 27 would go on, they are definitely canceled. According

to the San Diego Union Tribune, the San Diego sheriff's department

successfully sabotaged the band, claiming the sold-out shows at the Del Mar

Fairgrounds should be canceled because of safety and security problems.

Pearl Jam Manager Kelly Curtis first learned about the Sheriff

Department's efforts to cancel the shows through the Tribune article.

Curtis was not pleased that the sheriff's department chose to go directly to

the media, rather than first discuss their concerns with Pearl Jam


"In my opinion, this was an unprofessional and unproductive approach,

and it has left us with no alternative but to cancel the shows," said

Curtis. "As with all of our shows, the safety of our fans is very important

to us. We had taken all of the necessary steps to ensure a safe event."

The typically frank Eddie Vedder expressed Pearl Jam's disappointment over

the cancellation. "We did our job, set up the show, sold tickets," said

Vedder. "It's a long process. We're obviously ready to play. Not to make

enemies, but it seems the officials in San Diego have overreacted, creating an

impossible situation. It's a shame, really. Have a little more faith,


Although the band hopes to play for San Diego fans later this year,

ticket holders will receive a full refund for the canceled shows by mail

from ETM Entertainment Network.

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