Courtney Love Overdoses At Home Where Cobain Committed Suicide

Everybody was at Neil Young's shindig, except for Courtney Love. Love

made an unscheduled visit to the hospital over the weekend, after an

apparent overdose of prescription drugs. Emergency workers were called

early to Love's multi-million dollar home overlooking Lake Washington

in Seattle, where Love's husband, Kurt Cobain, committed suicide last

year. When the emergency team arrived, they found Love unconscious,

said police spokesman, Sean O'Donnell. "Love, age 30, had taken

prescription medication on a flight from New York causing her to

become groggy, according to a witness. She needed to be helped from

the plane and was unconscious and unresponsive by the time she arrived

home. There was no apparent involvement of any illicit narcotics. It

appears at this point to be an apparent accidental overdose," said

O'Donnell. Fire department officials found a bottle of pills. Love was

taken to Harper View Medical Center where she spent twelve hours

before she was released. In April 1994, the day before Cobain

committed suicide, Love was arrested in Beverly Hills after she was

treated for a possible drug overdose. She was later cleared of charges

that she had illegal drugs and syringes, and the overdose was

explained as "an allergic reaction to a muscle relaxant." Today,

Love's management company had this to say about this weekend's events:

"She had an adverse reaction to prescription medication this weekend.

She's fine now. She's home in Seattle, and she's preparing to play the

KROQ-FM Weenie Roast this weekend in Los Angeles. Obviously she's also

getting ready to play Lollapalooza. She took the medication before

boarding the plane to fly home to Seattle from New York, where she'd

been doing promotional work last week." We understand the need for

spin control, but we hope someone is trying to make Courtney

understand that we all care about her, and want to keep seeing her

among the living. Get our drift?